Posted by on Mar 30, 2010 in Let's Make A Meal | 0 comments

Tonight we had a satisfying dinner that took a total of five minutes to prepare. First we popped the Grilled Balsamic Vinegar & Rosemary Chicken in the microwave for 3 minutes. While that was heating up I prepared the ready made salad as per the instructions. By the time I was done preparing the salad, the chicken was fully heated with the 2 minute waiting period after. We’ve had this chicken before and have come back for more several times. Its just so convenient and tasty and inexpensive. The chicken has an authentic grilled flavor and a tasty sauce true to its name, balsamic and rosemary. We like this one so much, we haven’t gotten around to trying the other two flavors in this series of chicken yet. The salad consists of baby spinach, dried cranberries , blue cheese, and candied pecans, with a raspberry vinaigrette. This is a sweet salad to say the least. This pretty salad has a great table presence, and a great flavor to match. Mark was unsure of how he felt about the dressing, and thinks the salad might be better if we upgraded it with a different raspberry vinaigrette. The two menu items went well together with the savory and sweet complimenting each other. It was instant California cuisine.